Final Message

I think it was Marie Antoinette who said “All Good Things Must Come to an End.”

Or maybe not.

Anyway, for It’s About Time, well, it’s about time we draw the show to an end.

That’s right, the Season 2 finale is our show finale, as we will not be moving forward with additional seasons. The complexities of life – time commitments, scheduling constraints, and all the other things that wiggle their way into our lives – have forced us to put the show aside.

We are truly thankful for all your love and support, all the great comments, all the feedback we’ve gotten over the past 2 seasons. We really enjoyed bringing the show to you.

Now, just because this show isn’t continuing doesn’t mean we’re all moving into caves and deciding to run for political office. Please visit our personal sites to find out what we’re working on.

  • Charlie James is the morning voice on WTMA and performs extensive voice over work.
  • Steven Cardinal is a blogger and entertainer and is working on a number of plays, short films, and audio dramas to be produced in 2016 and beyond.
  • Rob Britt is an author and is currently working on a stage musical titled The Fearful Dagger.
  • Sheila Kern is a commission artist with an incredible portfolio.
  • Raul Ceballos is a professional voice actor.
  • The rest of the cast and crew can be found at various venues in the Charleston area, so if you’re a local or just visiting, be sure to check out Theatre Charleston to find out where they might be appearing.

Thanks again for taking this journey with us. Be assured that the show will remain available for the foreseeable future, so tell your friends about it!

Steve & Charlie